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Falling in love with Seoul

It’s been nearly a month since I arrived at the Park Hyatt in Seoul and I absolutely love it! The people, the culture, city and FOOD are incredible.

Life can be a rollercoaster sometimes and you can chose to dread it for embrace it and I feel especially grateful to be here!

First of all, The Timber House is a stunning bar, with so much soul and character! All those ‘’nooks and cranny’’s and so much attention to detail in the interior design. I am working with the renown, Grammy Award Winning, Edsel Gomez who is such a humble person as well. The lessons I am learning from him are so valuable and important that I feel honored to have him on this journey.

My room is stunning, so peaceful and vibrant. There’s always something going on in the district of Gangnam and I am listening to live Rock ‘n’ Roll from the festival going on across the road as I write this.

I have goals while I’m here, musically and creatively which I really hope to achieve. It’s easy to put pressure on myself and forget to enjoy but finding a balance is important!

Falling in love with the city and excited to share the experiences of my travels!

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