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Looking Back At A Humbling Year...

It's been a challenging year and a half here in London I must say... I look back and I am deeply humbled by the experiences life has thrown at me despite the frustration and moments of darkness and uncertainty. Nevertheless it was only a matter of time until things were put into perspective and what I have come to realize is that the world doesn't owe or give you anyway, but you can take whatever you want from it.

I came to London late December 2013, with (what I thought were) great ideas and fresh concepts in music to only to then be ripped off by phoney publishing companies and given the fake "Oh but we believe in you so pay us more money to record your songs" rubbish. I only then took matters into my own hands and showed the respective records to industry people for solid advice. The feedback was pretty blantant, though I had a good voice, my style wasn't near original enough yet and to take time out to discover MY SOUND.

All in all, I keep this constructive critizism in good strength and kept going as one does.

At the start of my career in Hong Kong, I rose to the top pretty quickly and never had to face any of the struggles I have during my recent years in London, and by that I'm referring mainly to ''money''. Some call it the root of all evil but I've embraced it as just a part of life.

Memories from my early life working for Disney where the world was magical and glitterly fill my head and make me a little sad still... but I guess if it hadn't been for an early success, I might not have pushed hard and strived for greater things.

It's been a year and a half and I'm still alive! How you ask? Well first and foremost the amazing support from the people around me aswell as those far beyond the seas.

Hostessing, waitressing, selling shots in night clubs, Selling WILLS in shopping centres (believe it or not), Promo work... you name it. A girls gotta eat and despite how hard it was, I found the whole experience incredible in gaining the wisdom that I lacked.

I developed an understanding for "being on the other side of the fence" as I call it.

In Hong Kong was resident singer at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, getting looked after, richly fed, and greeted politely by staff on a daily basis - then finding that the tables have turned to myself being the one who opens the door, smile and serve the hotel guests (some of which speak to you like crap).

I don't regret anything because in a strange way, it was important for me to be looked down upon and finger-snapped at, from time to time. I have the deepest respect for people who work in hospitality and for all that they give. I have gained some amazing and incredibly strong bonds with people who were patience and kind enough to teach me different skillsets I never thought I would learn. Even their stories and journeys have inspired me to keep going and keep learning.

It has come to the end of this chapter and I am as fierce and firey as ever!

I am so much more sure of myself and my cabailities. Nothing will stop me, with so much inspiration to apply into my craft. I've used the feeling of being powerless to being powerful and my skin and heart are thicker.

It's amazing how a few steps back, can bring you so much further than you anticipate.

I am about to embark on a new adventure. I shall be moving to Korea in a few weeks time to perform for the Park Hyatt Hotel in their Timber House with an extremely talented pianist. Still in the visa process but I am ready as ever and could not be more grateful to land this opportunity for a fresh new start.

I've been gigging a lot lately with very talented and motivating musicians who I am now lucky enough to call my friends.

I hope to inspire and touch the heart of anyone who has too found themselves set back by obstacles.

Keep going, embrace the journey and keep fighting.

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