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Empowering Friends

I meet a lot of musicians on a daily basis with all different charismas and attitudes torwards the business. The most inspiring ones are the ones that believe in sharing the power. Empowering others, in turn does come back to you in the form of empowerment to yourself too.

Soul & Blues singer Emrys Baird and Jazz guitarist Robin Banerjee who I had only just met a few months ago have been true and great examples of those who share the energy.

Knowing that I was the 'new kid' in town and itching to come out of my shell, they have since then invited me to guest at their gigs, introduced me to more great people, help me rehearse and arrange my own gigs and just in general, shared the knowledge and opportunity of growing - I could not be more grateful!

Being musicians of such high a calibre as they are, I have nothing but respect for them as artists but also as great friends.

Other well-known artists such as Zalon Thompson incorporate this form of synergy too. Recently, Emrys and I attended his show at the Hippodrome casino in Leicester Square, He and his band performed a great line up of soul, motown and funk including guest artist, Vanessa Philips.

During his performance he talked a lot about sharing the success and passing on the torch, giving other artists an opportunity to join him on stage and sing a number.

Emrys and I got up and performed sections of different songs and had great feedback from various members from the audience.

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